Frieze New York 2012 / Radek Szlaga, Honza Zamojski

TRANSATLANTIC / Frieze Art Fair New York

Radek Szlaga & Honza Zamojski

03 — 07.05. 2012

TRANSATLANTIC / Frieze Art Fair New York — Radek Szlaga, Honza Zamojski


“Transatlantic” is the interdisciplinary project by two emerging Polish artists Radek Szlaga and Honza Zamojski who decided to travel to New York City on the large cargo ship and work on board.

The idea of 2-weeks long trip refers both, to the historical practices of European immigrants going to America, as well as the travel itself, as one of the main departure points for both artists. As good friends in real life, they often share interests, iconographic quotes and specific sense of humor. Also America, the New World and Promised Land seems to be the main focus of the project, as the elements of recognizable American fiction and pop-culture are remixed by the artists with the pinch of East European traditions, mythologies and poetries of immigration.

Polish citizens travelling to the USA in order to earn their bread there—such an image has been around for decades. In the age of easy access to information, fast connections, unhindered migration such a voyage as the two artists undertake seems like a romantic whim. The artists perform an ironic dialogue with the emigration clichés such as arriving to the new country and the “Being Stranger” feeling. The results of the transatlantic escapade will be then shown during the Frieze Art Fair New York 2012 as the space shared by the duo onboard the ship will be translated into a joint, multi-element installation in the exhibition area.


Supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw