SWAB Barcelona 2017 / Bianka Rolando, Honza Zamojski

28.09 — 1.10.2017

Bianka Rolando’s work Reversed Triumphzug includes a series of drawings that image of two symbolic marches appears, which are the metaphors of our attitude to the reality. Triumphzug is the intellectual key. The motif is not only used in fine arts but also in literature. The Reversed Triumphzug is a metaphor of the parts which did not suit a march of Pyrrhic victory, a march of strength and material wealth, which were successfully turned back from the march that is heading towards very, very material death.
The title reversal of the triumphal march is not only achieved by a change of the title but first of all by the form of the drawing: reversing the positive and the negative. Bianka Rolando drew the positives, which then reversed and checked how they worked in the negatives, only to return to positives again, knowing what graphic effect she wanted to achieve in the negative. It was similar to work with a classic graphic matrix and successive transformation attempts. And this reference to the classic form of checking the print and the matrix. Triumphzug had to be reversed by graphics, which is based on looking for new solutions in the number of copies forming the new depth.

SWAB Barcelona
28.09 — 1.10.2017

Feria Barcelona
Barcelona, ES

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