NOT FAIR 2017 / Marcin Dudek

21 — 24.09.2017

‘Marcin Dudek, in creating his kinetic sculpture, used stadium fencing activated by a hidden mechanism every few minutes. As he says, I was inspired by the fence’s role as a battery of negative energy, a blockade against scaling its heights, and as a form of passage between a state of total aggression into that of exhaustion. The fencing here represents the institution, while the aggression from the fans is directed towards the state apparatus, which the fence is essentially a part of. The wires pulled apart by the fans come to life after a time, giving back the energy that had been accumulated as passes into a fit of epileptic twitches.’

Source: Marta Lisok, Sculpture as a Container for Sound, in: Solstices, exhibition catalogue, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej BWA, Katowice 2017

The second international edition of NOT FAIR, 21 – 24 September 2017, will be held in Warsaw in it’s most spectacular building – the Palace of Culture and Science. The idea of NOT FAIR is to create a platform of exchange and cooperation between international galleries, collectors, curators and other participants active on the contemporary art scene. Each invited gallery is asked to propose a solo presentation by one artist and should take into account the character of the place where works will be displayed – namely, the eclectic and monumental architecture of the Palace of Culture and Science. There will be no traditional gallery stands because the idea is to compose the whole display in form of group exhibition or salon d’art.

21 — 24.09.2017

Pałac Kultury i Nauki,
Warszawa, PL

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