NADA Miami 2017 / Marcin Dudek, Radek Szlaga, Aleksandra Waliszewska

7 — 10.12.2017

LETO’s 2017 presentation features a trio of artists who draw us into the innocent and carefree realm of youth existing in parallel to a world of violence and taboo. The selected works depict the vital instant when an individual passes from the state of childhood into adulthood, as the rebellious struggle on the inside clashes with the call for compliance on the outside. A reflection at the past reveals the trouble with formulating one’s identity while having to take on established roles determined by social norms.

Marcin Dudek’s “Too Close for Comfort” traces a line from football subculture to crime by way of semiautobiographical research. The series includes photographs clipped from police journals which feature the artist in a crowd of alleged miscreants. This documentation of the activities of his youth confirms the authenticity of his experience and provides a foundation for his exploration of the aesthetisation of violence as an artist.

Two sculptural reliefs by Aleksandra Waliszewska depict young girls dwarfed by the figures of horses and snakes. Waliszewska uses the ancient technique of bas-relief, less popular today, to contrast the innocence of these naked girls with bestial ornamentation, stirring up unease as the viewer’s attention reflects on the age-old mechanisms pushing the bounds of cultural taboo.

In his work, Radek Szlaga refers to the emotional tug-of-war between Poland and the United States he experienced as a child of immigrants. He confronts his memory of the past with recollections of skype conversations with his mother about faith. This inspired him to create images of the Virgin Mary, who became his personal symbol of guardianship. Through sculpture and drawing, he shows how the reality of the Internet has impacted, and continues to impact, interpersonal relations, while bringing about change in approaches to painting on a strictly formal level.

NADA Miami
7 — 10.12.2017

Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

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