1 — 4.12.2016

For years, Radek Szlaga has been reworking motifs borrowed from popular culture, experimenting with the limits of language and the medium of painting itself, focusing on its flaws and permutations. Szlaga’s large-scale canvases are a modern-day play on the idea of colour field painting and colour theory. The paintings are in major part an abstract account of expressing an existence within a “no man’s land” located between spaces defined by various geographies and cultures. These large-scale oil paintings appear abstract in their broad swathes of colour, but a closer look reveals figurative elements.

Honza Zamojski sets his focus on a single element – an illustration from the cover of his book entitled “Four Eggs Theory”. It is a synthetic illustration of a hand, which is a constructive element, as well as a metaphorical one. It is thanks to the hand that the composition of the title page is preserved, and in the broader scope, it is this very HAND that serves as an invisible framework for any sort of narrative. The artist, in holding up his hands, reveals his craft, deconstructing his own work for the sake of better understanding his own lexicon and demonstrating the fruits of his artistic analyses to the public. Installation is made up of several free-standing metal hands – frames for holding up words or objects.

David Krňanský drawings using the morphology of modernity, however modernity that came to a stage when its ideological radicality as a representation with independent rules of volumes and surfaces abstracted from reality was coming back to the real through the mediation of design. But this devalvation also purify it from the ideological pathos, made it be a pure form, which we can use with a complete freedom. In his works exists connection of serious and humorous, irony and ridiculing communicates.

NADA Miami Beach
December 1–4, 2016

Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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