Untitled #4 from the Magnetic Sculptures series (ed. 1/3 + 2AP)
Untitled #4 from the Magnetic Sculptures series (ed. 1/3 + 2AP)
Ref. no 1129

Honza ZamojskiUntitled #4 from the Magnetic Sculptures series (ed. 1/3 + 2AP), 2011 - 2016

photography: lambda, dibond, pleksi
90 x 64 cm

Price: 9 500 zł

2 100 EUR
This work is a part of the project Ghostism awarded with A.R.M. Prize during DAMA Artfair in Turin (2017).

The Magnetic Sculptures project is a series of overscaled black-and-white photographs depicting sculptures made of tiny magnets. Recalling the tone and proportion of Brassaï's famous portfolio Les Sculptures de Picasso, Zamojski's shadowy monuments also invoke the unrealized forms of constructivist architecture. The magnetized compositions become stand-ins for both the human figure and its built constructions. Employing the simplest of materials to explore what he terms "the nonsensical nuances of reality," Zamojski aims to challenge the "traditional opposition between spirituality and materialism" through a sculptural medium that holds its form precisely through the energy that courses through it. Playful and direct, the work manifests a paradox: reaching towards the sky, the magnetic towers are simultaneously bound forever inward, twisting and malforming to accommodate their many magnetic poles.
– Chris Murtha, Critics' Picks: Honza Zamojski, Artforum, November 2016, read article here
– Honza Zamojski, Magnetic Sculptures, Przekrój Magazine, 21.05.2020, read article here

– Ghostism, OSMOS Address, New York (US), 2016 (solo)
– Ghostism, DAMA, Turin (IT), 2017 (solo)
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