Ref. no 927

Marcin DudekEbenezer, 2019 - 2020

acrylic paint, image transfer, medical tape, UV varnish on wood
28 x 19 cm

Price: 12 700 zł

2 870 EUR
Work from the series of collages created in a style typical of Dudek's work, which bits of tape pasted onto a wooden pane, which ultimately take shape in dynamically abstract structures, often reminiscent of crowds of football fans as they might be seen from a bird's eye view and the contemporary architecture of the stadium. This series was dedicated to a group of select footballers, whose silhouettes were translated into these abstract forms. We see their names in the titles of these collages: Noel, Saidi, Takesure, Emmanuel, Kalu, Ebénézer, to name a few. They're all black players who have joined the ranks of Polish teams over the years.

Their trip to Poland in the early 1990s must have been an exotic experience. The first to make his way over was Noel Sikhosana, who joined Wisla Krakow. On the 30th of March 1991, he played for the first time (and his last) in a match against Zaglebie Sosnowiec. It was his presence on the football field that gave rise to so much emotion. These were motions that were more intense than the already high level of emotions involved in ultra fandom. He and others like him had to suffer the hard lesson of Polish racism, starting from bunches of bananas tossed onto the field and the dubious overtones of newspaper articles and interviews. For many of these players, their stints in Poland were a passing phase, not quite a permanent destination for making their football fantasies come true, and they didn't stay for long.

Collage inspired by Ebenezer Mfomou, born in Cameroon. 

– Trans Hooligans, LETO, Warsaw (PL), 2020 (solo)
Przewiń do góry okna