Interview with Maurycy Gomulicki / Przemysław Bollin /

Tattoo “is magma, in which only absolutely basic thoughts and feelings are bubbling, Hate and Revenge, First Love, Great Love, Invisible, Anne, Krysia, Kasia, Hela, I Love Freedom, Only For Ladies, See Who You Trust – Real Declarations, Faiths – the rest is a superstructure, “wrote the artist in the introduction to the album. Since 2007, Gomulicki spontaneously photographed people encountered on the street, he was interested primarily tattoos made amateur from the beginning of the 50s to the end of the 80s. At the exhibition, we will see “mariners”, backyard, done during the main military service, and prison, which constitute the vast majority. The artist, playing the role of an anthropologist of popular culture, has made several thousand photographs of rather primitive “icons” showing fragments of human stories.
Together with the opening of the exhibition, the premiere of the book coincided. It contains 236 photographs and 2 texts – the artist himself, as well as the writer Marek Nowakowski, who died four years ago.

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