Wojciech Puś / Warsaw’s Daring Young Art Scene Is Forging Its Own Path / Artsy / Casey Lesser


“Late on Friday night, another queue was forming outside the Palace, now for Polish artist Wojciech Puś’s Endless (Party), a performance-meets-party that ran through Sunday. Inside, around 10 young male skateboarders lounged along a central runway, texting and snapping selfies before two performers finally commanded the room’s attention. One, a voluptuous blonde woman clad in revealing lingerie and Spanx, posed seductively on the floor, while the other, a youthful androgynous figure, faced away from the crowd, singing longingly into a mirror. On this cue, the skateboarders sprang into action and began gliding around the space, gracefully at first but gradually becoming more and more raucous—ultimately smashing their boards on the marble floor and screaming at the crowd. Puś appeared several times, riding in on a dolly with a video camera; he seemed to document the performance, while also assuming the role of a ringmaster.”