Wojciech Puś, Alex Urban / Endless Love / Artforum / Cathryn Drake


“After a cocktail that evening at the Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture, in honor of Ukrainian artist Kulikovska and her ephemeral self-portraits in soap, Homo Bulla, dealer Marta Kolakowska drove us to see Aleksandra Urban’s provocative popup show of lurid paintings and sculptures, “pfff,” displayed inside one of the little wooden cottages built for Finnish workers. Glowing in the dark among the trees like something out of Twin Peaks, it was a fitting introduction to the kickoff of the weekend-long “Endless Party,” directed by the Łódź film school professor Wojciech Puś, where we ended the night after an intimate dinner hosted by Trafo’s director, Mikołaj Sekutowicz, at the Miłość club.

We arrived for the party at a colonnaded space in the Palace of Culture illuminated entirely by floor-to-ceiling blue light beams to a performance featuring a group of skateboarders recruited from the streets, Leto Gallery’s Sebastian Gawłowski, and stylist Magdalena Wawrzynczak. “Three years ago when I met Magda she was a man named Peter, so she has another person inside and plays two characters in the film,” Puś said. It was being shot as a scene for the time-fusing Endless, a film by Puś based on the script of Last Year at Marienbad: “Once again I walk down these corridors, through these halls, these galleries, in this structure from another century, where endless corridors succeed silent, deserted corridors with a dimmed light.” The gender-blending narrative will incorporate two scenes from Paul B. Preciado’s memoir Testo Junkie; the atmosphere, however, evokes David Lynch’s Inland Empire, also filmed in Łódź.”