Radek Szlaga / Piotrowicz and Guests / National Museum in Poznań, 19.01-02.04.2017


The Piotrowicz and Guests exhibition will present selected themes from Jerzy Piotrowicz’s art: an artist’s atelier and paintings about the painting act itself, a figure of monkey envisioned as a painter, an infanta, a theme of a feast and still nature. These subjects were chosen because of a very important role they played in Piotrowicz art. The meta aspects of the paintings haven’t been widely presented yet.

Piotrowicz art will be confronted with works of other artists: Radek Szlaga, a german artistic duo Peschken/Pisary (Urban Art), Tadeusz Kantor, Maria Pinińska-Bereś among others.

The exhibition at the National Museum in Poznan will be accompanied by satellite exhibitions at the “Arsenał” Gallery (Galeria Miejska “Arsenał”), the “Ego” Gallery, the Garbary 48 gallery, the FWD: gallery and the 8th Day Theatre (Teatr Ósmego Dnia).

curator: Marta Smolińska