Radek Szlaga / Core Lexicon / Gowen Contemporary, Genewa, 8.09-8.10.2016


Szlaga’s grotesque universe is a world without boundaries between aesthetic and historical borders. Modernism,rock music, structuralism, colonialism… everything cohexist in the effort of creating narrations.Szlaga developed a hyper-linked and under-referenced language that draws on the one hand on the artist’s personal fragmentary expérience of life, on the other hand to the history of a new generation to which he belongs, emerged from the ruins of old separations and identities, and finally to the distructive visual language of world-wide digital technology. Szlaga’s approach touches the status of the image and the notion of reproduction and reappropriation, whether that is another painting, a found image from the internet, a movie still or a text.Gowen Contemporary is thrilled to present the first solo show by Szlaga in Switzerland. The exhibition retraces Szlaga’s process of artistic creation through a selection of recent works tackling to some of his main themes.