Radek Szlaga / All the Brutes / Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, 5-9.04.2015


The project All the Brutes is part of a long-term project by Polish artist Radek Szlaga, investigating the nature of the visual in today’s digitalized era. As a starting point to his artistic research, Szlaga was inspired by the classic novel by Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness, and drew on a complex and multifaceted ensemble of references, ranging from Sven Lindqvist novel Exterminate all the Brutes to the Francis-Ford Coppola’s movie Apocalypse Now (1979). Written at the end of the 19th century, Heart of Darkness is a sharp criticism of colonialism and a statement about how unpredictable human nature is. Due to its universal and worryingly topical messages, the book has been reinterpreted numerous times by critics, writers and movie makers. Referring to Conrad’s novel and expanding reach sources of quotations found in contemporary culture, Szlaga addresses a question on today’s use of the visual, showing how society – inhabited by an excess of undetermined information – constantly reworks ideas and motives.