Marcin Dudek / Critic’s Guide: Brussels / frieze / En Liang Khong

“Polish artist Marcin Dudek launches his exhibition ‘Steps & Marches’ in Brussels’ Harlan Levey Projects on the evening of 7 September, before shifting to a second chapter at London’s Edel Assanti gallery later in the month. Dudek begins with his recollections of his time as a teenage member of the Cracovia football fan club, and uses that sense of personal history (drawing on his own photographs of a crowd escalating into a full stadium riot) throughout an installation that probes the mechanisms and movements of social control and violence. Dudek is particularly interested in examining instances of crowd unrest, whether through the prism of riot police formations or prison architectures. At Harlan Levey, the gallery is transformed into the spectator rings of a stadium caught in mid-disintegration, sculptures daubed in primary colours that evoke in equal measure the banners of sports teams and political protest. Across Brussels and London, Dudek’s studies of the psychology and ideology embedded in mass movements and social explosions move into a series of sculptures and videos featuring footage of mob outbursts, rubber bullets and fractured mirrors interrupting the exhibition space.”

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