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“The growing interest towards innovative Polish artists should not surprise anyone. As a home to a rich legacy of the avant-garde art, Polish artists (during the 1980s) fundamentally changed and re-evaluated artistic traditions. These examinations challenged not only the classical avant-garde but also the works of neo-avant-garde artists as well. Focused on the ideas and theories put forward by the German artist, Joseph Beuys, Polish artists transformed the understanding of painting and of sculpture as well.

Cultural politics, political changes and the role of the Catholic church, along with traumatic historical events of the country play a crucial role for a variety of contemporary Polish artists. As a result of all these forces, the country has a rich and often controversial stock of artworks exhibited across an international and local galleries and art museums.

The ten Polish artists which are listed below showcase just how eclectic Polish art is and how expressive and critical it can be!(…)

Konrad Smolenski – Between Sound and the Image

Konrad Smolenski is an installation and performance artist whose work is characterized by a strong impact typically created through audiovisual experimentation. As a musician in various bands, sound along with the visual image are crucial for Smolenski’s celebrated production. In many of the artist’s realizations, the separation between the two is impossible. Creating objects which are both musical instruments and artifacts at the same time, such as a guitar made of a dog’s skull, Smolenski explores various ways of engaging and using them. As a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and a member of the Penerstwo group, the artist prefers to find inspiration in the hidden places, far from so-called high art.”

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