Wojciech Puś / Endless: Residence in department presence / Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw / 28-30.09.2018


It is a project that unites performers with different gender identities, nationalities, social origins or migration status (Chile, Mexico, France, Poland, Ukraine). It is a combination of the architecture of light, sound and image that becomes the carrier for a poetic essay on the constant transformation of human identity. Endless evolves from the film plot to cinematographic performances and casual situations.
“The narration and dramaturgy of Endless takes place, in several scenes, for three days, 28-30.09. On Friday evening, the Museum’s audience will be able to participate in the performance Night as Nights with the special participation of experimental musician Thomas Köner. On Saturday, we invite you to “вітер з’єднує нас” + Kinky Kino: testimonies of participants of the performance, and a movie show with performers and live music performed by Wojciech Pusia and Anton Tschulskyi. The Sunday performance Day as Days will crown the Endless residence and the entire series of “Pride and Prejudice: New Dignity Practices” of the Department of Presence. “

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