Aleksandra Waliszewska / ARS INDEPENDENT FESTIVAL, Katowice, 01.10.2016

“The intent behind introducing horror at Ars Independent was to incite feelings of anxiety and slight discomfort. The prepared set would not be what it is without the invaluable input of the Hungarian animators from the MOME. They fit into our understanding of fear perfectly – it is very possible that ease of Poles and Hungarians collaborating is not purely phraseological. We are honored to screen an animation in which the artwork of Aleksandra Waliszewska was set into motion by Wiktor Stribog (also author of the soundtrack). The story was added by a writer with close ties to Silesia – Szczepan Twardoch. The third important element is the Basque duo of Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero, who merge the romantic idea of Weltschmerz with an ecological manifesto. We wanted our horror to be more than just playing around with expressionism and the gothic. We hope that you’ll see the slightly scary but utterly real world hidden in these images.”

Przerwa wakacyjna. Zapraszamy ponownie od 20 sierpnia | Summer break. Gallery will be open from August 20th