MAURYCY GOMULICKI, WOJCIECH PUŚ, IWO RUTKIEWICZ, ALEX URBAN / From artificial reality to a selfie. Self-portrait in the art of contemporary Polish artists / BWA WROCŁAW / 6.10.2017 – 26.11.2017

“The exhibition presents the identity of Polish contemporary artists of different generations. He refers to the traditional artistic convention of self-portrait, starting from the work of one of the most important representatives of the native neo-avant-garde, Natalia LL. This is an attempt to capture the cross-section of the strategy of important creators of recent decades, their attitude to tradition, the avant-garde power of redefining reality through art, the ability to oppose economic violence and liberating sense of humor.
“Today, you do not need stretcher or clay or any special skills. Just a finger. We have all the means to create it and publish it in our pocket. At the same time, we attach less and less importance to the truth of this image and even to the truth in general” – says the curator of the exhibition Anna Mituś.
The exhibition will be devoted to a special issue of the Bureau Office – Press Agency BWA Wroclaw with texts by Jakub Woynarowski, prof. Marta Leśniakowska, Zofia Krawiec and Romuald Demidenka.”