Maurycy Gomulicki / New Art in NMW / The National Museum in Warsaw, 21.09.2016-01.01.2017

The National Museum in Warsaw presents a special exhibition as part of the project “Collections – Regional Collections of Contemporary Art”, as well as numerous educational events, and opening on the occasion of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2016.

The collection of contemporary art at the National Museum in Warsaw has recently been greatly enriched with works by a number well-known and respected artists. Among them; photographic series and groundbreaking installation art. These include photographs from the series Sentimental Typologies by Maurice Gomulicki, A Subjective Atlas of 20th Century Architecture by Nicolas Grospierre, and an installation Phantom Quartz, by the artistic duo Olga Mokrzycki-Grospierre and Nicolas Grospierre, purchased by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the Regional Collections of Contemporary Art program

On 21st September this year, visitors to the Gallery of 20th and 21th Century Art at NMW will be able to enjoy these newly acquired works. The Museum also invites you to attend some of the many educational events, for children and adults, which will accompany the works. These will begin during the upcoming Warsaw Gallery Weekend (23rd – 25th Sept).

The acquisition of works from emerging and mid-career Polish artists has bolstered the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, with works that present and express the unique visual languages and issues on the minds of today’s artists. The two new photographic series are the result of long-term artistic interests – in the case of Gomulicki the context of flesh and the body, and with Grospierre the phenomena of architecture. It is with thanks to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage that the collection of modern art at the National Museum in Warsaw has been so greatly enhanced with these important examples of Polish art and culture.