Marcin Dudek / STUDIO VISIT / Contemporary Lynx

‘Marcin’s studio is located on the second floor of an impressive tenement house in the city center. The building accommodating only artists’ studios is situated on the other side of the street from the closed neo-Romanesque chapel.

While Marcin makes drip coffee, I take a chance to view some of his works live for the very first time. The relief paintings, which will be displayed at his two solo shows scheduled in the autumn in London and Brussel’s galleries, hang on the walls.

They look incredible. I struggle to find words that would accurately describe them. You need to see those “paintings”, “reliefs”, “collages” with your own eyes in order to discern and appreciate their inherent nuance, which determines reception. What you will notice is the uniqueness of every single component, the painstaking attention to detail, e.g. the way he cuts the tape, which is the basic element of his works, the tapes’ various shades, their width, amount, size, their layers and incidence. Let us not forget the viewer, whose vantage point is crucial for the works’ resonance and character.

Marcin explains the principles behind the composition and its parts that merge into one mass. The tiny spots represent the crowd ravaging and eroding the urban landscape to establish a new order. As a result, his works of art become an organic urban relief of sorts.’

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