Marcin Dudek / Special Feature / Contemporary Lynx 1(7)2017

In new issue of Contemporary Lynx Marcin Dudek contributed speacial feature – set of pages fully devoted to his artwork

‘(…) Twenty years ago Dudek was one of Cracovia Kraków hooligans who took part in fights, violent football stadium expressions, and experienced solidarity and loyality provided by the group. Now in the field of visual art he examines the universal problem of functioning as an individual amongst a crowd. He shows a system based on conflicts and agreements and refers to the symbols associated with our idea of hooligan groups: violence, riot flares, local chauvinism and an attachment to their clubs’ and national colours (he often uses orange and black). For example a bomber jacket, turned inside out to reveal its blaze orange lining, is one of Dudek’s most often used object. In the 90s such jackets became a firm element of football hooligan fashion. Today, orange is the colour of anti-establishment, anti-government struggles, and of political revolutions. Orange flares, a punching bag, a stone in Dudek’s hand, football stickers and the artist strolling through gallery during opening with a knife – all are Marcin Dudek’s tools in his new social group – the art world.’

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