MARCIN DUDEK / MANIFESTA 12 / PALERMO, 15.06 – 04.11.2018

“Marcin Dudek’s site-specific installation Giochi Senza Frontiere, 2018, will open at Palazzo Mazzarino on Friday 15 June as a part of Manifesta 12.
Giochi Senza Frontiere expands Dudek’s ongoing investigation into group identity by responding to the historical context of Europe as a landscape whose character has been defined by waves of cross-cultural migration over thousands of years.​ Building on the thematic of Manifesta 12, which draws on Palermo’s migration problems as emblematic of the wider crisis faced by Europe in 2018, Dudek’s kinetic installation addresses the notion of heritage, identity and narrative as facets of a European landscape in continuous flux.”

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