“Steve Turner is pleased to present BioPix, a group show featuring work by seventeen international artists: Laylah Ali (Williamstown), Nicanor Araoz (Buenos Aires), Diedrick Brackens (Los Angeles), Jacqueline Laurita Cortese (Los Angeles), Marcin Dudek (Brussels), Hannah Epstein (Toronto), Cristián Fernández Ocampo (Buenos Aires), Ann Hirsch (Los Angeles), Erdal Inci (Istanbul), Thomas Lawson (Los Angeles), Carlos Martiel (New York & Havana), Jerry Martin (Lima), Claire Milbrath (Montreal), Pablo Rasgado (Mexico City), Camilo Restrepo (Medellín), Julian Rogers (Los Angeles) and Yung Jake (Los Angeles).

While the seventeen artists work in a range of media (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, weaving, performance and photography) they all share an interest in self-representation. Though none of the works is a typical self-portrait, each work is about the artist’s life, identity, history, nationality or psychology.

As Laylah Ali describes her sixteen portraits in BioPix: “Though they look quite different from each other, there are three that I would identify as actual self-portraits. The rest of the characters relate to each other so I think of myself in the mix, activating this semi-fictional community.”
Ann Hirsch calls her eight-foot tall portrait titled Gare “a self-portrait that it is a vision of my future adult child with my husband, Gene. As I worked on this series, I realized that I was subconsciously capturing both my essence and his.”
Nicanor Araoz will present two human-scale sculptures which he says are “not an accurate self-portrait, but more like a mutant mental state, such as being inside a cyberpunk novel by William Gibson.”

BioPix demonstrates that autobiography can exist in many dimensions as artists capture and represent their own identities.”