LOU CANTOR in interview with WILLIAM KHERBEK / berlinartlink.com / 28.08.2018


“William Kherbek: Could you describe how you became interested in the concept of hydrofeminism?
Lou Cantor: The impulse came from the curator, who found the text mind-blowing and sent it to us. What hooked us into this whole project is a passage in the text which recognizes that we are basically water that seeks a way of penetrating dry land. When you think about how we are water and that water has an agenda of how to get into dry land, to get higher into mountains, this is accomplished in the bodies of people. We are the bodies of water.
This is very radical. We don’t know how to keep it from sounding like we’ve found a new religion we’re going to follow, but we think such a concept, in a convincing or poetic enough way, makes you rethink the whole structure of what it means to be a person. When you make a logical equation, it makes sense: we are primarily built of water. We are water, it came out of the ocean and, one way or another, will go back to that system.

If you follow this way of thinking, it drastically changes the political decisions or views on reality that you take in to account, especially in relation to the ocean, because the ocean is a place that is very particular. It is still the largest part of the earth, and it is probably the most violently polluted part. We have also penetrated everything that sticks out of the ocean, the earth, the sky and above, but the ocean is still this huge mystery. We also don’t really know how much we’ve damaged the ocean; we know it’s bad, but we don’t know how bad”

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