Konrad Smoleński & Honza Zamojski / Transparent – Konrad Smoleński and Honza Zamojski at NewBridge Project Space / Helen Shaddock


Article about new project by Konrad Smoleński & Honza Zamojskiegi ‘Transparent’ at NewBridge Project Space:

“Transparent is a collaborative exhibition from Polish artists, Konrad Smoleński and Honza Zamojski, presented through a multimedia installation and performance.

One by one they enter the space, take off their shoes and trousers, drink some water and walk to the line of megaphones. Each picks up a megaphone and instructs the audience to watch the performance from outside the gallery. They reposition the megaphone on the floor in the line and walk over to the moving treadmill. In turn they jump onto the treadmill and begin to walk.

They walk
keeping a constant pace
but with different rhythms