Honza Zamojski / The Veterans / Dio Horia, Mykonos, 13.04-22.05.2017


“Dio Horia gallery is happy to present its first group show, for the 2017 season, titled The Veterans. Fourteen international artists participate with more than 40 artworks that have been chosen on the basis of their medium. The exhibition aims to initiate a discussion about the current importance of the traditional artworks’ categorization per medium.

Historically, the artworks have been defined by irreducible or inherent qualities related to their raw material. It can be argued today, that such categorization is no longer rendered obsolete. The exhibition, aims to address questions such as the following: To what degree is categorization by medium restrictive for artistic freedom? What do interactions between media look like today? How did the introduction of new graphic technologies and computer-generated images changed medium classifications?

This examination takes place by focusing on three artistic media and on their current manifestation. These are: drawing, sculpting and textile.
The first tangible artifacts of human art are either small carvings in stone or bone or cave paintings traced back to the Stone Age. Today these artifacts would be considered as drawings and sculptures. At the same time, the exhibition reflects on the history of weaving, whose first traces go back to the Neolithic times and its evolution in the history of art. Since then, countless artists have pushed the boundaries of what can be considered drawing, sculpting and textile, as well as the ways that these mediums can create artworks.”

Artists: Alphachanneling, Antonakis, Javier Calleja, Carl D’Alvia, Anastasia Douka, Andres Eidelstein, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Paul Kremer, Caroline Larsen, Iliodora Margellos, Taylor McKimens, Ana Prata, Ioannis Spiliopoulos, Honza Zamojski

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