Honza Zamojski / Love Letter / onestar press


Dear Fear, The End is Near.
With these words begins the latest publication of Honza Zamojski, “Love Letter” and in a sense, it begins with an end: with capitulation in the face of the coming metaphorical finale. The reversal of chronology allows the narrator for series of flashbacks, introspections, and digressions that ultimately may lead to the coveted great breath in / great breath out – a moment of rest. So what is “Love Letter”? A book of poetry, a collection of rhymes, a graphic novel, or perhaps – as the title implies – a love letter in the ascetic form of a book/notebook? Genre diversity is further emphasized by the typographic layout of the text, which on many pages can be read simultaneously from top to bottom, and from left to right, throughout the spread. Typography and grammar are used for their rhythm and rhyme – each pause has its significance here, making the publication read almost like an opera libretto. Multiple layers and ambiguity of the graphical structure of the publication as well as its words, both read and seen, produce an incessant echo which, contrary to the nature of echoes, returns to the reader with doubled power.

Print run: 350 copies
Format: 314 x 234 mm, 80 pp.
Print: fullcolor offset printing on Amber Graphic 170gsm
Cover: hot stamping on EskaBlack Xtra board 1.5 mm
Binding: black glue binding
ISBN: 978-2-915359-46-6
Published by onestar press, Paris 2017
Price: 35e / 40$ / + shipping

This publication was made possible thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and with help of Arctic Paper, Poland.