Honza Zamojski / GHOSTISM / OSMOS Address, New York, 13.10–4.12.2016



The so called spiritual matters are usually contrasted with and opposed to materiality. Spirituality, as commonly understood, is a level above mundane affairs on the metaphorical ladder of human needs. Bodily needs – such as the need to satisfy hunger or feel secure – are placed below the needs of the soul (if such a thing exists at all), whether in the religious aspect (God) or the rational one (Beauty/Reason). Well-developed spirituality is supposed to serve as a ‘safety valve’ protecting the average homo sapiens from the fear of death. In the context of spirituality so construed, ghostism would be its negative reflection, something that burdens the mind and hinders action. The striving towards the ‘absolute’ (whether divine or rational) would be limited to making constant references to the past that is but a collection of facts recorded in various media and their mental interpretations. Ghostism is for the mind what concrete shoes are for the drowning man who sees the water surface but is unable to swim up. Ghostism stands in a row with all its –ism ancestors, becoming its own caricature and ineptly imitating their achievements, calling this reinterpretation or inspiration.