FASHHHART by LETO / Teatr Studio & Bar Studio, Warsaw, 23.09.2017


23:00 – 5:00

Event in the frame of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017

Teatr Studio Foyer (event) & Bar Studio (party)
Palace of Culture and Science
pl. Defilad 1

The LETO Gallery has invited artist Magda Buczek and fashion designer Joanna Hawrot to come together for the first edition of FASHHART by LETO, held as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017. The Teatr Studio Foyer, located in Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, will host a series of events that combine various activities across art and performance. For Buczek and Hawrot, fashion and its history are not only a source of inspiration for their joint project, but most of all, a channel for interacting with the audience.

Pokaz SURPLUS by Zuza Krajewska Performance
SHADE / Bożna Milan, dir. Magda Buczek

#SHUNGA_SHIBARI by Joanna Hawrot

Following the event, the Warsaw-based collective ‘Małe Szczęścia’ will host a DJ set party

SURPLUS The project lies at the intersection of fashion, visual arts and activism. SURPLUS takes its cue from the problem of overproduction – from the fashion industry and its oversupply of textiles and garments, to the excess of ideas, texts and discourses in art. The project relates to the fashion of the 1980s and ‘90s, when statement t-shirts were often seen as a personal declaration. Wearing one in the public space was an act that suggested a genuine political gesture.

SURPLUS by Zuza Krajewska
The premiere of the first half of Zuza Krajewska’s editorial series Warszawa-Berlin, created especially for the SURPLUS project. The series was made possible thanks to the support of the Polish Institute in Berlin.

SHADE performance
dir: Magda Buczek
voguing and staging: Bożna Milan
audio: Abu Zeinah, Magda Buczek
animation: Michal Borowski

The performance sets up voguing as a tool for viewing reality. Bożna Milan animates the text of SURPLUS for the stage, making reference to the custom of “throwing shade” at one’s opponent in the heat of the voguing competition. The work is a collaboration between artists Magda Buczek and Bożna Wydrowska.

#SHUNGA_SHIBARI by Joanna Hawrot

“How many people are capable of receiving the emotions carried by Shibari, to look into the face with full concentration, to listen intently to the voice of the rope, to the breath?” ~ GanRaptor

On the 23 rd of September at midnight, the Teatr Studio Foyer will host #SHUNGA_SHIBARI by JOANNA HAWROT. The happening, taking place as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, is an experimental mix of fashion, multimedia and the Japanese art of shibari. Joanna Hawrot has invited shibari master GanRaptor to join in the project, together with curator Zofia Krawiec and musician Zbigniew Chojnacki.

Shibari is an ancient Japanese art of painting that comes from the Edo era, a form of bondage which aims to contain and shape the body using a rope. It serves the emotions and a sense of erotica. It’s an intimate conjoining of body and spirit, where energy is transferred along the rope, through touch, bondage, taking control of the body and what happens to it.

Joanna Hawrot looks towards shibari as a form of painting through the medium of a rope. In the art of shibari, its aesthetic compositions illustrate the beauty of the human body. An element of the ritual comes about as a unique. #SHUNGA kimono, which tells a story of contemporary sexuality. Inspired by traditional Japanese erotic etchings in wood, this series of graphic works has been illustrated by Sonia Hensler. The goal of the happening is to create a spatial painting using the body, a rope and a kimono.

The kimono is meant to conjure up a feeling of modesty and humility. On the other hand, its Edo-era pattern emanates with an erotic and sexual energy, which unleashes the wilderness of human nature, building up a spirit in opposition to the tradition of the kimono. To draw out the contradictory elements between the kimono and the erotic etchings in a perfectly balanced way leads to the narration of a contemporary story of lovers. The kimono takes on a new dimension – as a witness and relic of an intimate game. It also holds the attributes of subtlety and fragility, while holding a sense of strength and domination within.

The happening will figure as the next installment of the #SHUNGA _GIRLS campaign, which is meant to stir up emotions and erotic energies within the audience. Through a calibration of physical relations and emotions using image, touch and sound, harmony can be achieved and passed on to others.

Partners of the event:
Teatr Studio
Bar Studio