DAVID KRŇANSKÝ / There Is No Emphasis, Wherever You Look / SAM 83 Gallery / 17.03 – 16.05.2018


“The variety of how to organize an exhibition is countless, but it can still be predicted in their design. However, the merger of Luděk Míšek and David Krňanský is unexpected. At least because their movement on the art scene is completely different. It is also surprising that they did not know before the show. In the name Sráč Sam pronounces a link to their mutual position, which was in this case a visual conjunction.

Both work with basic morphology, and the approaches to work and process are essential for them, from which they expect it to be visible in the work. David Krňanský is one of the progressive young painters who have a new taste in the field, which has been subject to several audits in recent decades. Curatorial blogs themselves contribute to the discourse of the environment. Luděk Míšek, on the contrary, lives in the clause of his own sculpture and the region. He confronts his work at least. In spite of this, both show similar visual features even though they have come to them both.

David Krňanský has recently created a large number of drawings. The impulse for their creation was the typography book, which he worked with Ondrej Bachor. Technological and material flexibility allows him to infinitely vary the basic sets of shapes with which he works most often. He approaches the drawings as an autonomous work, even though it also serves as a preparation for subsequent paintings. The exhibition consists of a selection of paintings preceded by the drawings. The Krňan’s work is based on the compulsive need he is transforming into work to happiness and joy, and which, in predetermined formats, remains captured.

Luděk Míšek tries to achieve spatial harmony not only in his work but also in the environment in which he moves. His studio is arranged in such a way that the statues are indistinguishable from plinths, transport boxes, walls or molds. His considerations of form or form relate to the inner essence of the artifact itself. Definitely for him is the determining “aurality”, which tries to inscribe sculptures by careful selection of material and odmeditované elementary cuts. The proportions of the basic geometric shapes and their composition are similar to those of the Krňanské sady, which varied indefinitely.”