David Krňanský / Black Hole Generation – Pure Hate / Nevan Contempo, Prague, 8.12.2016 – 14.01.2017


“The Art group B.H.G (Black Hole Generation) is a naturally expanding creative collective. A critical monument, structure, institution. It is a conjunction of individuality, it is the absolute. It´s active members since 2015 are David Krňanský, Martin Lukáč and Julius Reichel, artists that studied together at AAAD in Prague. Following the exhibition “Pure Hate” held in the Nevan Contempo Gallery in 2016 the graphic designers Štěpán Marko and Jan Matoušek (magio works) joined the group. Pure Hate is a Manifesto. It is a critical look at the world around us a ballad, poetry, a caricature of you yourselves.”

text by: Ján Gajdušek

BHG Manifesto 1.0

The future belongs to mechanized hegemony. The future is a machine. A ballad on the machine written by machines.

We believe that it is possible to predict forthcoming events from subtle indications and then rewrite them. Although
unfounded, we increasingly believe in intuition.

We believe that the only thing that can break humanity‘s cramp is the belief in a higher utopian idealwhichdoes not even
have to be collectively named.

We know what the future will look like. Since we cannot go back, we want to carve a scar on the face of stupor with the
shard of our truth.

We wish to change the code of what is already configured within unchanging structures. We are drowning in lava.

There are things that cannot be named, because language does not have words for them yet.

There are words yet to be invented that will be used to name phenomena yet unknown.

We look at politics as a great limit on creativity and utopia. We are trying to preserve a collective naivety, thus overcoming

We want all that is possible, the advantage being that we don’t know what it is. We can’t find meaning, but we advance
further and further nevertheless.

Everyone has their role, their potential. We are an institution. We are a structure that is malignant. We are the absolute.
We are the future. We are the critical monument. We are BHG!

1/ We are bad!
2/ Nintendo, Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, Macintosh, Sony, Sega Master System 2, Kendrick Lamar, Tesla, Saab, Nike.
3/ Fuck the National Gallery.
4/ Directives which aim to define the nature, purpose, and appearance of an artwork should be considered conclusive and
justified only if they come from our circles.
5/ We are maladjusted citizens
6/ We assume that the situation which we find ourselves in is the most ridiculous of all the situations so far recorded in all world
7 We don’t have the truth, we don’t need truth, we don‘t want to be right, we cannot be right.We have intuition.
8/ Our dicks are standing on behalf of the revolution.
9/ God-gifted geniuses.

artists: Black Hole Generation (David Krňanský, Martin Lukáč, Julius Reichel & Štěpán Marko, Honza Matoušek)

photo: Tomáš Souček