David Krňanský / A Review of Black Hole Generation: The Kings are Back at The Dot Project / Arteviste / Georgia Messervy


“This exhibition represents an refreshing take on painting as a supplementary aspect to the collective’s multi-disciplinary output. In fact, the Black Hole Generation’s wider oeuvre actually incorporates all forms of art from sculpture to installation, often including the re-appropriation of mass media or found objects, in a sort of neo-Dadaist postmodern approach to ready-mades. Perhaps better-described as a movement, each of the collective’s shows can be interpreted as manifestos which encourage the viewer to look critically at the world around them and also at themselves. Krňanský, Lukáč and Reichel can each be seen to be pursuing their own lines of artistic and creative inquiry whilst simultaneously working towards a unified vision within the aims of the B.H.G. The liberal background of the collective, coming perhaps from the fact that they all live and work in Prague, means that their work as a collective is a multi-media approach that stems from a visceral and incredibly insightful perspective on modern art and culture.

As you enter The Dot Project, twelve canvases of equal size, line the walls of the gallery. They are hung close together, so there is an immediate sense that the viewer is being inundated or overwhelmed by the artworks on display. The canvases created for this show are abstract, featuring compartmentalised planes of colour. At first, they seem like exciting explorations of colour. However, this is contradicted when they are explored further, in the use of visual motifs that are employed to confront and perhaps even confuse the viewer: they are seen to ‘suggest much but disclose very little.’ Bright colours contrast with dark in the canvases of all three artists, in a visually intriguing and yet slightly frustrating manner. Krňanský uses particularly playful, random shapes in his work, which are partly covered by dark, menacing shades of colour. (…)”

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