Alex urban / MADAM, CAN YOU CHECK IF THERE ARE ANY DREAMS TANGLED IN MY HAIR? / Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art / słupsk / 6.07–30.09.2018

The exhibition Madam, can you check if there any dreams tangled in my hair? is an attempt to capture the increasingly popular tendency in Polish female art to use stories, motifs and themes which are characteristic of the so-called magical thinking. The work of the invited artists: Basia Bańda, Magdalena Moskwa, Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana, Alex Urban and Erwina Ziomkowska is full of fantastic creatures – ghosts, phantoms, vampires, etc. – which are popularly believed to inhabit the borderland between the waking hours and a dream. The aim of the exhibition is to capture these fleeting narratives and attempt to answer the question of what these phantom figures tell us about our time? What challenges do ancient legends, stories and fairy tales present for us today? In fact, the exhibition itself is an attempt to create a story deeply embedded in the local context, such as the Witch Tower with its history or a sacred spot in Ustka.

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