Wojciech Puś — Given

10.05 — 4.06 2011

“Given” is a world of phantasies, speculations and images revolving around a single event, the kidnapping of a four-year-old girl, Madeleine McCann, in the holiday resort of Luz (‘light’) in Portugal in 2006. The event became a pretext for creating a project that incorporates a number of media (film, light installations, neon signs, soundtrack, field recordings). “Given” is a story about the butterfly effect, about the teleportation of themes and reincarnation of motifs in a world craving for ‘sensations’ and ‘news’ and always looking out for new celebrities. In fact, we want this story to keep going on forever. Whether Madeleine is dead or alive, all we care about is that she is never found. So that we can continue asking for the thousandth time, ‘Did she fall? Or was she pushed?’…”Given” is a mixture of a true crime story and a story about the medium (in this case, about ‘travelling light’ and ‘cinematicity’). The successive chapters of “Given” create an illusion of getting closer and closer to a longed-for explanation of Madeleine’s disappearance, the successive subplots multiplying the conjectures, the successive ‘givens’ presenting the countless serpentines of possibilities, speculations, secondary narratives and references, e.g. to romantic motifs or formal solutions typical for ‘film noir’. The film features theatre/film actors Ewa Skibińska (“Mother Teresa of the Cats”, dir. Paweł Sala) and Mariusz Bonaszewski (“The Forest”, dir. Piotr Dumała), and “The Alder King” song was performed by Miłosz Gałaj, student of the Gdańsk Academy of Music.

“Given” is also a story about the medium of light. Two installations, “Paparazzi” and “Praia de la Luz” (Portuguese: ‘beach of light’, name of the town where Madeleine went missing), make a literally physical impact on the viewer. “Paparazzi” is an ironic interactive light object for those hungry for splendour and glamour, for those ‘ready for those flashing lights’. “Praia de la Luz”, in turn, made up of LED wall modules, a necessary ingredient of any superstar performance, has become a sort of light projection, showing film and cinema as pure luminosity, an immaterial, intangible, fluid recording of colours and lightness, inspired chiefly by natural phenomena. The series is accompanied by two sound pieces: “Given – Improvisations & Moods for Madeleine” a soundtrack, released on a vinyl record, for “Given” by Wojciech Puś; and “Given: Field Recordings”, recorded in Luz, Portugal. A “Given” neon sign series, the film soundtrack (CD), and the “Paparazzi” light installation were all meant as a sort of three-dimensional trailer for “Given” and it is as such that they were shown at Galeria ENTROPIA in Wrocław and Galeria Wymiany in Łódź in 2010.

The show at Galeria LETO is a culmination and recapitulation of all of the project’s different themes. The film “Given”, the “Praia de la Luz” light installation, the “Given” soundtrack vinyl record, and field recordings will be presented at Galeria LETO for the first time ever.