Wojciech Puś – A | N


The dual-channel video work A|N is an observational study of architectural space, formulating an analytical mapping of the recent activities of two individuals within the space. The two men have vanished from the room, but their presence is still embedded in realm of memory. The sculptural format of the video refers to Oskar Hansen’s idea of the active negative, compiling parallel shots that follow an identical trajectory of the camera. The only difference is the interchangeable presence or absence of the protagonists. The energy field within the architectural structure becomes the essence of the work, revealing the fissure that remains when the figures are no longer present. The memory of past gestures is manifested in the impassive movement of the camera as it sculpts the space, shaping the emptiness within. In the process of recording an event on set, the purpose behind A|N is to reveal the illusion of infinity and a yearning for a repetition that proves impossible.

Video trailer #1
Video trailer #2

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