Kaja Redkie — Imperfect Black Body

9.08 — 7.09.2018

Black body (or blackbody) is a form of matter that entirely absorbs light – perfect blackness, which doesn’t actually exist in reality. Idealized in the same way as pure whiteness, equally impossible to capture and demonstrate. This idea is the starting point for a consideration of the nature of color – reflecting a number of meanings and retaining a subjective character, while remaining impossible to reproduce.

Color is an impression that comes about a reaction to light radiation upon a particular surface that is being observed. Black and white are polar opposites. White contains all the colors of the spectrum, while black is the negation of color. These two extremes give way to a narrative of a property that can never exhibit the whole of its power its own, requiring complementary properties and contrast to attain its strongest form.

The impression of color gives way to constant modification. Its character is changeable, subject to the environment and the unique experience of the observer. The hue of any material differs to some extent from our imagination of it and from how we expect to see it. It’s impossible to represent or preserve a single legitimate character of a particular color. Its perfect form is non-existent.

The painted structures map out a fluid, dependent material, stable and congruent only in the short moment of its reception. Here, black doesn’t refer to a perfect shade of black, and white doesn’t refer to absolute whiteness. Their imperfections tell us more about them than the unattainable ideal.

This marks Kaja Redkie’s debut show (born 1990), a graduate of the Graphic Arts department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The artist calls attention to universal ideas that describe painting and the reception of an artwork. Color, shape and their symbolism, the role of time and impression, the need for evolution, striving for harmony – these are some of the contexts that can be considered within her works.


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