Iwo Rutkiewicz – Ustawienia

05.04 — 10.05.2014

Iwo Rutkiewicz’s Settings exhibition is a presentation of the artist’s latest painting works. They differ in terms of technique from his earlier works, but the conceptual method is analogous to the artist’s entire oeuvre. It combines together two concepts which do not only create a simple opposition, but are internally contradictory, steming from completely different dictionary definitions. In Settings Rutkiewicz tries to juxtapose virtuality and materiality. This is not an easy process, as the virtual world is not only immaterial, but is a “reality” governed by a distinct logic.

The parallell virtual reality is processed by Rutkiewicz into language of painting. In fact, how can one possibly depict entities (as it is difficult to call virtual creations ‘things’ or ‘images’) from such explicit origin? Rutkiewicz squeezes out logotypes, passwords and website addresses characteristic for the web reality onto his paintings, giving them, contrary to their natural existence an extremely physical and tactile dimension.

An interesting aspect in the process of translation is the design applied in the presented work. Rutkiewicz marks the Internet ‘matter’ with rust-colored paint. Corrosive patina streaks emphasize the dimension of virtuality, oftentimes omitted in more and more frequent discussions upon the matter. In the popular imagination, the Internet and network are a kind of liquid, intangible flow of information. A world without any anchor, enveloping our reality. However, all the metadata, each kilobyte has its material weight. Weight, which is stored on disks and servers, located in giant data banks built with tons of metal. Metal, as everything else, is exposed to external factors. Rutkiewicz introduces materiality into the world of the Internet, which seems to be eternal and resistant to our reality, which is subcutaneously contaminated.