Iwo Rutkiewicz — Pojemnik

Iwo Rutkiewicz


24.11 2011

Iwo Rutkiewicz — Container

The gallery – the immaculate whiteness of walls, the enormous space with only a tiny section dedicated to art. A short video by Iwo Rutkiewicz is composed of only a few frames showing, as the title itself suggests , “The Container”, and according to the artist – a container for art. We watch the film from a quite uncomfortable, even equilibristic position. This depiction of a gallery is composed of the views of perfect angles, perpendicular walls, scattered here and there with things embodying, in theory, the essence of visiting a gallery: artworks. The author proposes a minimalistic work, purified of gestures and complicated frames. Reflecting over a white cube leads us to a sad conclusion that a space is not created for art, but art and viewers are put into a space which is abstracted and unfriendly to a work and a viewer alike. In “The Container” (just like in his other work “1974–2007”) the artist displays a consistent criticism towards the ideals of cold Modernism, both in architecture and the concept of exhibiting art.