Gorilla Goes Bananas! — Dutch graphic designers breaking the news with a twist

24.05 — 22.06.2013

‘Gorilla’, a collaborative designers’ project consisting of graphic designers De Designpolitie, Lesley Moore, and Herman van Bostelen, was launched in the daily newspaper De Volkskrant in 2006 and continued in the weeklies De Groene Amsterdammer and Adformatie in 2009. Through the use of existing signs and symbols Gorilla creates powerful comments, oftentimes characterised by a satirical approach to the dissemination of newsworthy items. Religions, Politicians, Multinationals and Nation States; no one escapes Gorilla’s graphic slap in the face. As such, Gorilla has gained notoriety and much critical acclaim in the Netherlands and abroad. Gorilla’s praxis of ad-hoc, short time-span projection and production as a response to the news, as well as its collaborative approach, has gained widespread recognition.

Two collections have been published as books: ‘De Wereld volgens Gorilla’ (The World According to Gorilla) in Dutch, and ‘The Daily Gorilla’ in English. Gorilla has solo exhibited in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Breda, Berlin, London and New Delhi. Since Gorilla started their collective in 2006, more than a 1000 visual comments have been published. The working method of the Gorilla collective has parallels to that of a news journalist. The extreme short time-span in which the Gorilla visuals are created (max. 4 hours from start to finish) originates from working for a newspaper. To make sure the Gorillas are as up-to-date and direct as possible, they are created only moments before the newspaper goes to print. The designers of this collaborative endeavour take turns creating the Gorilla. One of the other members operates as an assistant in case of dispute, censorship or last-minute breaking news.

This project, which will be held in Warsaw’s Galeria Leto, entails an exhibition, a masterclass-series and a lecture about immediate (ad-hoc) graphic design as a visual commentary to the daily news.

Curators: Anthropologists in Art — Nahuel Blaton & Sebastian Rypson