Black Hole Generation / Nuance Freshovosti — David Krňanský, Martin Lukáč, Julius Reichel


Black Hole Generation (B.H.G.) is the name for the artists’ trio created by students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, who stubbornly keep producing large volume abstract paintings. David Krnansky, Martin Lukac, and Julius Reichel are so far the only ones who represent the phenomenon of the painting come-back; being inspired by Basquiat heroin-ish dreams and gradient, post-internet textures.

B.H.G. has prepared an exhibition that is geared around the nineteenth century ‘academic salon’ and the old-school categories such as: ‘good painting’. Their aim was to put the viewers’ attention to the postmodern ‘eye wink’ this time, however, understood in too straightforward a way. Abstract art is going to dominate the gallery space and lead us to unknown and unpredicted meanings hidden by the non-figurative paintings.

Czech and Slovak artists make an attempt to bring back to life the myth of originality, showing post-formalistic and post-plasticistic images. The infamous term of zombie formalism is going to vanish to give room for previously unknown nuances of freshness.

B.H.G. – artists’ trio, final year students in Jiří Černický and Marek Meduna studio at UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague). Their works are most often site-specific installations with ready-mades combined with paintings and drawings.

David Krňanský
He studied at Jiri Kovanda’s studio. His works have been shown on several solo exhibition in prominent galleries around Prague and abroad. David works in particular with backgrounds and naive line that creates a specific notion of minimalistic atmosphere in his paintings.

Martin Lukáč
This year Lukac will graduate from UMPRUM. He was also studying in Kosice and Leipzig. Winner of Critics’ Prize 2016. His works are majorly based on dialog with tradition; in particular with socialist realism and post-war abstract painting. Ardent basketball player.

Julius Reichel
He used to be an active graffiti writer which still has its influence on his urge to work in public realm. The perpetual student who is going to graduate from painting at UMPRUM this year. He treats painting as an object and extends the definition of both of them. Follower of the maxim ‘before you will get to one’s merits you have to try it a number of time’.

curator: Piotr Sikora

Partners of the exhibition:
České Centrum in Warsaw
Slovenský inštitút in Warsaw
Budner Development