Anna Witkowska, Adam Witkowski — Temp

01.12.2013 — 16.01.2014

TEMP – a presentation of the latest realizations of the artist couple from Gdansk. The works presented in the exhibition are objects mainly made of temporary construction materials – cardboard, tape, wood as well as drawings and graphics on paper.

Within the exposition the authors evoke and develop themes and forms known from their earlier works – seeking seclusion, periodicity, the inner journey. This time, however, direct attention is drawn to the sense of instability and the inability to take refuge in physical reality. Subjective perception of time, a drawn record of its passage together with the inevitability of decay and transformation are the main themes of the exhibition. 
Ania Witkowska
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, visual artist, graphic designer, lecturer at WSNS in Gdynia. Works alone or in duet with Adam Witkowski. Her designs often have a synthetic, graphic nature, woven with elements of text. Inspired by her immediate surroundings, the artist draws from pop culture, quotes. She uses video, photography, installation or object. Her early projects had the nature of a design piracy, advertising poetics of an existential dimension (pictograms, murals, light boxes). Video works, especially the Past, Remote Viewer, First, The Only, The Best triptych, implemented with Adam Witkowski, related to forgotten and neglected places, ironically treating their memory and history.
Anna’s works are characterized by deceit. Sampling of reality contains a large dose of pessimism. Non literal fear and death constitute a common theme of her work (Treasure, This landscape films; Black Cloud installation), but the overwhelming feeling of emptiness does not depress. It becomes something elusive and noncommittal, though eliciting fear. The artist uses simple social symbols, brings up rituals or contractual forms of communication to freely verify the reality in which one can sink or simply walk away from it. Withdrawal constitutes a choice between the real and the dreamed. Anna has been awarded twice with the MKiDZN stipend, in 2011 together with Adam Witkowski was nominated to the Deutsche Bank Award Spojrzenia. In 2013 she received a scholarship of the Marshal of Pomorze.
Selected exhibitions / recent projects: Tunnels, Platan Gallery, Budapest, Householders, Projekt Kordegrada, urban implementation during the ArtLoop and ArtBoom, WYSPA festivals. Now is now Alternativa Festival. ISW, The Enclave CCA Ujazdowski Castle and CCA in Kaliningrad, Sleep_walk Municipal Gallery in Gdańsk, Letni nieletni Zachęta National Gallery, Establishment CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Talking to me? Rauma Biennale Balticum Finland, Decoding Poland, Hoorn and Haarlem, the Netherlands. 
Adam Witkowski
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he currently lectures at his Audio laboratory and at the Multimedia Graphics lab at the Department of Sculpture and Intermedia. In 2011 he received the title of Doctor of Fine Arts. He creates art on the border of visual and audio media.
In the visual field Witkowski uses both traditional techniques such as painting and drawing, but also – video, installation and photography. The theme that often appears in his works is doubt in durability of views and meanings. Often creates a duet with Anna Witkowska.
Adam’s auditory activity is not limited to his 0404 electronic project. The artist also composes music for videos, commercials, creates compositions for theater spectacles such as Dada von Bzdulow. He also co-projected for Radio Copernicus, Radio Simulator and Radio Stadium. Plays for several bands – Langfurtka (duet with Mikolaj Trzaska) Samorządowcy (duet with daughter Maja Witkowska), x0 (duet with Konrad Smolenski) and Gówno, where he plays guitar. He is also the music producer responsible for the implementation of sound recordings of Tupa Trupa and Gówno.
Selected solo exhibitions:2013 TUNNELS, with Ania Witkowska, Platana Gallery, Budapeszt, HU | 2013 WIECZÓR FAUNA, CCA Łaźnia, Gdańsk | 2011 CLOSE TO HOME, with Ania Witkowska, Lukas Feichtner Gallery / Vienna Art Fair, AT | 2008 NEW AGE, with Ania Witkowska, Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdańsk| 2005 W KÓŁKO, AT Gallery, Poznań
Selected group exhibitions:2011 SPOJRZENIA 2011, Zachęta National Gallery of Arts, Warsaw | 2011 STRATEGIES OF DISAPPEARANCE, HMKV Dortmund, DE | 2008 ESTABLISHMENT, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw | 2007 BACK + FORTH, Maria Kapel, Hoorn, the Netherlands | 2005 STRAZNICY DOKÓW, Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdańsk.