Angelika Markul — Showroom

05.02 — 15.03.2014

Fragment of exhibition “The Unleashed Forces. Angelika Markul and Contemporary Demonism”

Radiation-contaminated zone in Chernobyl, a Martian landscape of the Atacama desert in Chile, Fukushima destroyed by the tsunami wave have become places where Angelika Markul finds signs of uncontrollable forces at work. They sometimes are of unknown origin but more frequently – the result of human error or side effects of human actions. These forces influence our world usually with destructive power. That is why they evoke terror and are seen as demonic.

Angelika Markul locates these destructive, untamable forces outside the cultural categories of good and evil but simultaneously recognizes their irresistible magnetism. Yielding to them bit by bit she shows us or even strengthens contemporary demonism to manifest itself in the mixture of fascination and anxiety.

Paintings, sculptures, installations and videos made by the artist will be arranged in a way that evokes a terrifying experience. The exhibition will not only be a reflection on the untamable forces of nature but will evoke them itself.