Aleksandra Urban — Na końcu języka

27.11.2012 — 19.01.2013

The exhibition, in the artist’s own words: “At the tip of the tongue” – that’s how the phenomenon is called when our mind, looking for a word, follows the wrong train of thought, when the connections of concepts, words, and images get blurred and we can’t recall the thing that we are talking or thinking about. It is just around the mental corner, but our mind has stubbornly ‘fixated itself’ on finding the necessary building block. That’s the same feeling I experience while working on paintings. I’m trying to find meaning, I arrange elements in the hope that the right solution will dawn on me. It is not about the surrealistic mélange of pieces and the very iconography, but about the search for answers as to why these and not the other aspects of the human personality inspire me. In my works, we can read the fear of what may happen to us in the spiritual and physical realm. We can not only see the fear of being a victim of physical, spiritual and social violence, but also the fear of the willingness to stand on the other side, of becoming the aggressor or curious witness. This “fixation” on certain motives is like looking for knowledge about ourselves.