Everything begins at a bus stop in Wroclaw. A simple story, really – a girl and guy wrapped up in a passionate embrace. Or, to put it differently, a young woman in love weaving herself around to her beloved, enveloping him with all the strength she has in her arms, entwining him with every bit of herself. Oh, if only she could grasp him closer, bring him in with yet another pair of hands, creeping closer and closer. To lock him even tighter in the snuggest of embraces. Entangling herself around him, latching on, fusing her body to his.

In the midst of this romantic setting, full of heady magic, two girls are squatting on a bench beneath the bus shelter. Their spasmodic laughter crashes through the saccharine aura, with only a single phrase that can be plucked from the air: WHAT A PLAIT.

Alex Urban tends to draw her subjects from ordinary and anecdotal references from the everyday. This time, a passionate bus stop scene led her to create series of works featuring women-plaits. In her rendition, they take on the form of an octopus, whose suckers are capable of surreptitiously taking over their prey. The exhibition also takes on an unusual form, presenting etchings and a bronze sculpture by the artist, rather than the paintings she's so widely known for.

'They'll envolope you in devotion, entwining, twisting, suffocating.
They'll wrap around a finger, latching on, not letting go.
Their tentacles sucking, going forth, reaching under.
The Octopoid Women.'
Alex Urban
Przewiń do góry okna