b. 1987, lives and works in Prague (CZ).

Graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM), Prague. While Krňanský tends to work across a range of media, his primary form is abstract painting. His abstract works are characterised by a giddy and courageous exploration of colour, while still managing to maintain a sense of decorum via geometric boundaries. Geometry itself and the utopian ideals of Modernism are his main sources of inspiration, which he manipulates to suit his individual purposes. The natural imprecision of the hand when outlining geometric forms has become his signature throughout an adventure of creating lines and forms that are never flawless nor identical. The refreshing novelties and humorous nuances in his work are combined with naïve bravura and a sharp focus on abstractions that hold critical and progressive threads beneath their surface layer of aesthetic pleasure.

– C111RKUS, Galerie 90°, Černošice, CZ

– Idiot, Šachta, Prague, CZ (solo)
– VDIFF, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ
– Hot On Hop Off, Aetopoulos, Athens, GR
– 999 % OFF, Kvalitar Gallery, Prague, CZ

– Against All Logic, Stone Project, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Carboncini, PageFive, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Essential Pumpkin, Berlínskej Model Gallery, Prague, CZ (solo)
– There Is No Emphasis, Wherever You Look, Galerie Sam83, Ceska Briza, CZ

– Temporary Storeroom – Drawing: Case Study 2, PLATO, Ostrava, CZ
– Projectile 33, DOX, Prague, CZ
– Black Hole Generation, Krysí Díra, Prague, CZ
– 24H BRL/WRO, Krupa Gallery, Wrocław, PL
– David Krnansky, LETO, Warsaw, PL (solo)
– Slav Squatting and its Discontents, HIT Gallery, Bratislava, SK
– Absolute Beginners, SVIT, Prague, CZ
– NOT DEF, Galerie 101, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Black Hole Generation: The Kings Are Back, The Dot Project, London, UK
– Recyklace ideologií, Galeria Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
– Duck Rabbit Industry Never Stop 3, 35m2 Gallery, Prague, CZ

– Black Hole Generation / Pure Hate, Nevan Contempo, Prague, CZ
– EVERYTHING IS NICE / BON APPÉTIT, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, RO
– Black Hole Generation / Nuance Freshovosti, LETO, Warsaw, PL
– Paintings, SVIT, Prague, CZ
– Czech painting of the 21st century, Měsíc ve dne Gallery, České Budějovice, CZ
– AABBABBAACBA, Nová Galerie, Prague, CZ

– Duck Rabbit Industry Newer Stop 1, Berlínskej Model Gallery, Prague, CZ
– Duck Rabbit Industry Newer Stop 2, City Surfer Gallery, Prague, CZ
– Imagine a Naked Girl Sitting on the Stool Between Us, Fotograf Gallery, Prague, CZ
– The Seven-Handed Wizard, Futura Gallery, Prague, CZ
– Black Horses, Adam Gallery, Brno, CZ
– 7th Youth Zlín Salon, 14/15 BAŤA INSTITUT, Zlín, CZ
– Smart Generation, NTK Gallery, Prague, CZ
– Typography, Czech Center, Rotterdam, NL
– The Best Taylor in Town, Hunt Kastner, Prague, CZ

– Showroom, SPZ Gallery, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Spot, NTK Gallery, Prague, CZ
– Art and Shadow, N.o.D. Gallery, Prague, CZ

– Madness Becomes Method, Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Colorfull Summer, Jelení Gallery, Prague, CZ (solo)
– Karpet, 207 Gallery, Prague, CZ (solo)


– Havrlant Art Collection, Prague
– Fait Gallery, Brno

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