Lou Cantor – The Labour of Watching. Difficulty of Seeing / Leto Gallery, Warsaw / ArtReview, Summer Issue 2016 / Phoebe Blatton


W letnim numerze ArtReview opublikowano recenzję wystawy Lou Cantor, ‚The Labour of Watching. Trud widzenia’, która była prezentowana w LETO:

„Further into the show, a series of bright-blue aluminium crash-test barriers are wall-mounted at head height in what seems like a conventional gallery hang, simultaneously aping the crash-test technicians’ ‚exhibitions’ (they apperently use the same word). These raw, appropriated ‚sculptures’ conjure a range of masculine associations, from the dudelike ‚woah’ you can’t help but utter on inspecting the tengible damage, to formal echoes of those defining ‚masters’ of twentieth-century sculpture, Donald Judd and Claes Oldenburg.”