Wojciech Puś / Endless / Feature Expanded Residency / June-November 2016


In this year’s edition of Feature Expanded Residency participates Wojciech Puś with the film project ‘Endless’. The residency is designed for visual artists preparing their feature debut.

“Endless is a film that intercepts and appropriates plot motifs and narrative solutions of a flagship work of New Wave cinema – Alain Resnais’s Last Year at Marienbad and Beatriz Preciado momoire/ philosophical essay Testo Junkie. The multi-level narrative forsakes the unity of time, place and action, serving as the main protagonist’s inner monologue. Employing clichés of poetic horror film and music video, Endless becomes a multi-stage story about gender correction, balancing between reality and hallucination, documenting convulsive beauty and the uncanniness of metamorphosis.”