Alex Urban

b. 1978, lives and works in Wroclaw.

She graduated with the diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Her painting is often a very personal journey into the world of memories, fantasies and dreams, which gives it the intriguing form. Full of strange characters and horror phantoms, her works cannot be interpreted unambiguously. Alex often uses the convention of kitsch and frequently refers to the sacred sphere. As a very prolific artist she has exhibited over the past year, among others, at the Edinburgh Art Festival, and in galleries such as the Art Agenda Nova Bestregards Gallery in Frankfurt and twice in the Geppert’s Apartment Gallery.


Selected exhibitions:

– Biennale de La Biche, Guadeloupe, GP

– Becoming our Mind, III Metavera Art Festival, Katowice, PL
– pfff…, LETO, Warsaw, PL (solo)
– Destinesia, Stephen Romano Gallery, Nowy Jork, US
– Sztuczny miód, Galeria Extravagance, Sosnowieckie Centrum Kultury, Sosnowiec, PL (solo)

– Facehole, BWA Kielce, PL (solo)
– Paradoks czasu, Muzeum w Sosnowcu, PL
– Dio Horia in Mykonos, Dio Horia, Mykonos, GR
– Pupile, Centre for Arts, Poznań, PL
– Garden, ArtBrussels 2015, Brussels, BE
– Dziewczyny mówią tak myślą nie, City Museum of Wrocław, PL (solo)
– Crowd Pleasers, Platán Galéria, Budapest, HU

– Miasto — stan zapalny, 12. Przegląd Sztuki Survival, Wrocław, PL
– People Are Strange, BWA Olsztyn, PL
– Collage, Ptapty, Poznań, PL
– Złoty wiek. Kolekcja Vinyl Canvas, Design Gallery – BWA Wrocław, PL
– Urodziny Galerii U, Galeria U, Wrocław, PL

– Within the World – The World Within, Landskrona Art Gallery, Landskrona, SE
– Creative Way, BWA, Kielce, PL
– Urwisy, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay, Kraków, PL
– Derealizm, Galeria Miejska, Wrocław, PL
– No Happy End, Galeria Sztuki w Legnicy, Legnica, PL (solo)
– Creative Way, Galeria Sztuki w Legnicy, Legnica, PL

– At the tip of the tongue, Leto Gallery, Warsaw, PL (solo)
– Garden, Leto Gallery, Warsaw, PL
– Dirty hands, Wozownia, Toruń, PL
– Apoptoza, BWA Studio, Wrocław, PL
– Fox hole, BWA Studio, Wrocław, PL
– Abre alas, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, BR

– Dark corner, EC Gallery, Chicago, US
– Exchange of gifts, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław, PL
– And now the bad news, Gallery U, Wrocław, PL

– Mind Games, Gallery Bestregarts, Frankfurt, DE
– Don’t even think about it, Leto Gallery, Warszawa, PL
– Dark Hole, BWA Karkonosze, Jelenia Gora, PL (solo)
– The head in bath, Ikona Gallery, Lodz, PL
– Dzika Banda, Magazyn Praga, Warsaw, PL
– Young Polish Paintings, Hugenottenhalle-Neu-Isenburg, DE

– Fractured Fairy Tales, LetoGallery, Warsaw, PL (solo)
– Young Polish Paintings, Bestregarts, Frankfurt am Mein, DE
– Flowers on the attic, Geppert’s Apartment Gallery, Wroclaw, PL (solo)

– Oj!-say little bear, Art Agenda Nova, Krakow, PL (solo)
– Poison fruits, Moa, Poznan, PL (solo)
– Wonderland, Geppert Appartment, Wroclaw, PL (solo)
– Double Check, Leto Gallery, Warsaw, PL

– Quadro Art International Picture Biennale, Lodz, PL
– Edinburgh Art Festival, Art Space Gallery, UK

– Pro Figura, Rostock, DE
– Gardens, Painting Biennale, BWA Walbrzych, PL
– Promotions, BWA Legnica, PL

– Biennale Fisheye 3, Slupsk, PL

Scholarships & Residencies:

– Scholarship of Polish Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage

– Scholarship of Polish Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage

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